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    Events By Design: A Field Guide

    These cards are designed to work a team through three recursions of design. Before you begin designing as a team, review the cards as an individual. Find questions or ideas that you might not have thought about previously. Then, as you engage with other team members, bring up these ideas. Engage in a conversation about each idea. Let these ideas help guide your first steps into a design. This Guide is the product of the Everything Speaks DesignShop, designed and facilitated by Tomorrow Makers with many founding members of The Value Web ( in service to The World Economic Forum WorkSpace Team. It is wonderfully illustrated by Alicia Bramlett.
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    From Hierarchy to Panarchy: The unfolding of a global paradigm shift

    A work in progress addressing specific questions around paradigm shifts and how one might help to shape them.
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    ISSS 2056 Backcast

    The August 2056 issue of TIME Magazine includes this feature story on how the systems sciences have helped shape the world over the past half century. The content is drawn from a backcasting experience Tomorrow Makers designed and facilitated with the ISSS in July 2006. The title of the article, "The future is rational only in hindsight", is one of 14 design axioms originally coined by Gail and her husband and partner, Matt, in 1981.
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    Making the Shift to a Creative Economy


    A framework for dialogue about our assumptions and ways of working in order to increase our fitness for the kinds of situations, decisions and responsibilities that a Creative Economy imposes on us.

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    Alicia Bramlett tells the story of the Red Thread that she learned from her film teacher and mentor.
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    Watershed Moments

    In the course of a moment, forces collide and the story suddenly, irrevocably changes, sending us in new directions. These moments can be anticipated or they can be thrust upon us. Wanted or not, they are opportunities to step up to better choices. These are Watershed Moments.