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Tomorrow Makers is nonprofit corporation teaching leaders, communities and organizations how to design, facilitate and engage in collaboration in order to address the complex and critical challenges to their success and sustainability.


Tomorrow Makers' roots in collaborative design go back more than three decades. Our methods and processes have been taught, transferred and re-created by dozens of communities and are actively practiced by hundreds of knowledge workers around the world.

Experiencially-driven collaboration
We design, develop, use and teach systems and processes that enable collaboration to effectively address organizational challenges and opportunities.

We provide a wide range of design and facilitation services to help groups, organizations and communities collaborate in ways that recognize the significant qualities and aptitudes of each contributor and draw forth on the dormant potential that resides within the group.

Our efforts our focused on enabling organizations to apply this collective solution seeking to become more agile, resilient and innovative. Outcomes of our work typically include accelerated design and decision making, cultural cohesion, greater and widespread stakeholder engagement and new, more powerful models for understanding and influencing their organizational ecosystems.

Collaboratively-driven leadership
We work with individual leaders and leadership teams to develop their capacity to design, facilitate and participate in collaborative processes. We view these skills as essential attributes of effective leadership no matter the kind, size or configuration of an organization or group.

Our work with leadership focuses on exemplifying and teaching tools and techniques that enable collaboration to accelerate an organization's ability to learn and make decisions, align across vantage points and operational functions, and generate higher levels creativity and innovative ideas.